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The Swedish Korvkiosk

swedish hotdog crispy onions

After several years eating pølser in Denmark I figured it was time to see what was going on in Sweden. I had heard about hotdogs with mashed potatos on top, and shrimp salad and the famous tunnbrödsrulle so i was excited to taste these exotic hotdogs across the Øresundsbro.

swedish hotdogs
Hotdogs are called korv in Swedish and are served from a korvkiosk. korv was first served in Stockholm in 1897 by "korv ladies" carrying trays of hotdogs around their necks, then sold from kiosks in the 1950's. Most kiosks are stationary, unlike carts in America or Denmark.

swedish hotdogs My first stop was "Pølsemannen" a mobile kiosk selling a limited selection of dogs in a large "Chicago" bun. This was a pleasant suprise because in Scandinavia the regular bun you get is so small I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I was first served one. I had a chorizo with mustard and crisp onions. A tame but tasty start to the day.
swedish korvkiosk
My next stop was a larger korvkiosk serving all types of korv as well as burgers and ice cream. This time i tried a korv topped with räksallad (shrimps in mayonaise). It was messy, but good.

swedish korvkiosk

After a few beers on an outdoor patio we moved on to another place and tried a korv with mos and bostongurka as well as the swedish specialty köttbullar with lingonberry sauce. Both were good, but very filling.

swedish korvkiosk
swedish korvkiosk
malmo korvkiosk
Unforunately I left the biggest for last. Tunnbrödsrulle is a monster. Two korv wrapped inside a tortilla like flat bread with mashed potatos, shrimp salad, relish, mustard, and ketchup. This is the classic late night after pub food.
I was too full. It was too much, even for me. I promise I will go back soon and try one with the chocolate drink "pucko", but not today!
swedish korvkiosk
Thanks to Mia Hargreave for her hotdog photography


smörgåsbroad said...

Hee hee! I am from the US but living in Norway for a few months. Still getting used to the Scandinavian hotdog obsession.

Alex Rushmer said...

Being half Swedish, I can really relate to this. Wonderful post.

boulangerie said...

Great photos, I will try to improvise this in my kitchen. Thank you for sharing this wonderful street food

beckysjones said...

FYI: Very easy to replicate at home. :)

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