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Patat Oorlog - Dutch Street Fusion

amsterdam street food patat oorlog

French fries with mayo would be considered a standard snack in Belgium, Scandinavia and many other places in Europe, but only in the Netherlands does this cultural fusion exist. In Dutch patatje oorlog means "war chips" and is a tasty combination of French fries, mayo, raw onions and Indonesian sate sauce.

Sate is one of Indonesia's most famous dishes. A spicy mix of peanuts, turmeric, ginger, kecap manis, chili and other regional spices are blended with coconut milk as a sauce for various meat skewers. The colonial spice trade brought this dish back to Holland, and like rijsttafel  has been assimilated into Dutch culture.

dutch french fries
from http://simplyjacy.com/food/a-dutch-street-food-patat-oorlog-224/
.Most often these fries are served in a cone and are available at schnellimbiss all over The Netherlands


I make a gourmet version at my restaurant in Toronto, and it's a big hit.

I don't have a relevant video for this post, so watch this crazy Dutch commercial.


patatje oorlog  toronto  amsterdam patat oorlog


Anonymous said...

wow... i really love fries...but this one is exciting..

Carlinn said...

That was def my favorite snack food when we went to amsterdam!

Gali said...

That's a rather strange combo but it works. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys these types of things.

Anonymous said...

that's making me homesick and hungry… and it is 1 am here…

rockattack said...

"schnellimbiss" is German... The Dutch call it "snackbar". They also sell different stuff really. Nice write up though!

Gilles Beckers - Frieten said...

Doesn't look eatable. :) and indeed it is something we don't do here in Belgium

Izzy Wijaya said...

one very surprised indonesian right herr hahaha! but sate sauce is hands down the best

Anonymous said...

I was gonna post the same thing. Schnellimbis is definitely not a Dutch word or thing. Ps. My boyfriend is on his way home now with a patatje oorlog. Can't wait.

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